How to register mobile number in Canara bank

Today We Know How to register mobile number in Canara bank.The mobile number registration service is available at any Canara Bank branch or ATM. In order to use the bank’s numerous services, such as UPI, Cell banking, messed call banking, etc., your mobile phone must be linked to a bank account. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the steps required to register a mobile number with Canara Bank, whether at an ATM or a physical branch. Canara Bank is one of the most prominent PSU banks and offers a wide variety of banking options to its clients.

The most crucial and widely used of these financial services are internet banking and mobile banking. By making use of these options, you may take use of any and all financial services without ever leaving your house. However, before making use of these services, you must ensure that your phone number is linked to your Canara Bank account. We previously covered the steps necessary to connect your Canara Bank account with your Aadhaar number and get your Canara Bank e passbook through the internet.

Here we’ll detail the steps for establishing contact between the phone numbers and the Canara bank account. In addition to being a popular choice among customers, this is an essential safety measure that ensures no one else can access your account using your credentials. With Canara Bank’s mobile phone registration, you can further prevent unauthorized access to your account.

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How to Update Your Canara Bank Account Details Like Name, Email, and Mobile Phone Number.

Canara Bank customers should immediately update their personal information with the bank whenever there is a change in contact details in order to receive account updates such as available balance and amount credited or debited, to avoid glitches during fund transfers, and for Know Your Customer purposes. You may do this in person at any Canara Bank location or online. For the customer’s own sake, it is essential that the bank be kept apprised of any address changes so that the bank’s mailers may be sent to the correct address.

How to register mobile number in Canara bank

There Are Benefits to Adding Your Mobile Number to Your Canara Bank Account.

  1. You may monitor your Canara Bank account’s activity and get text message alerts on any transactions that occur in your account by linking your mobile number to your Canara Bank account.
  2. The most recent five transactions made at Canara Bank are now available on your mobile device.
  3. If an Unauthorized Transaction has been made using your account, you will be notified right away.
  4. Internet banking, mobile banking, and other similar services are at your disposal.
  5. If you’ve lost your Canara Bank ATM card and have it linked to your mobile phone number, you may immediately get it disabled by calling the number associated with your account.
  6. Card less withdrawals from Canara Bank need you to have a mobile phone number on file with the bank.
  7. By using your verified cell phone number, you may apply for a Canara Bank cheque book.
  8. In order to get your Canara Bank Customer ID, just contact the bank using the cell phone number associated with your account.
  9. You must have a cellphone number on file with Canara Bank in order to generate a PIN for your Canara Bank debit card online.
  10. Your transactions using a payment gateway (BHIM, Paytm, Google Pay, etc.) will be finalized only once you validate the OTP issued to your registered cellphone number.
  11. Customers’ registered cellphone numbers are used by Canara Bank to keep them informed of service changes and upgrades.

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