How to Obtain a CIF Number from RBL Bank

Today We Know How to Obtain a CIF Number from RBL Bank. Customers in India may open Savings Accounts and Credit Cards at RBL Bank. In order to sign up for Internet Banking and Login to RBL Mobile Banking, you will need to know your RBL bank CIF Number, which can be found on your credit card or savings account statement. Learn everything about obtaining your own RBL bank CIF number right here.

RBL Bank is a major private financial institution that offers banking services including credit cards and savings accounts to its clientele. In addition, they provide Internet banking; however, customers need a CIF number in order to set up an online banking profile. You can quickly access the App after you’ve registered.

In order to reward their dedicated clientele, RBL Bank India offers a variety of useful services. The private banking institution has created a wide range of banking and financial services to meet the requirements of its registered members. You may use RBL’s banking systems from the convenience of your own home or workplace.

To take advantage of this change, people may now use their computers and smartphones to conduct financial transactions. You can easily manage several user profiles on the same device.

Customer Information File (CIF) is a unique identification that further strengthens the banking access. After opening an account with RBL, each client is given a CIF number.

Financial data about an account holder is stored in the CIF number or customer ID. Your bank has access to your account details, including your name, address, loans, credit card numbers, and transaction history. It is a one-of-a-kind user interface that provides quick and simple access to banking data.

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Things required to get RBL bank CIF number

  • In order to get your CIF number for your RBL bank account, you will need the following information.
  • Make sure you have your RBL bank account’s passbook handy if you want to use this facility.
  • When you create an account or apply for a credit card, you will get a welcome letter and kit.
  • This is the first page of the RBL checkbook.
  • Your mobile phone number must match the one on file at the bank.

How to Obtain a CIF Number from RBL Bank

How to get RBL bank CIF number

At the moment, there are four different routes to get a CIF number from RBL Bank.

  • Simply by sending a text message from your verified cell phone number.
  • originated in Passbook.
  • Originating in the Chequing Account.
  • Taken from the Kit of Introduction.

Each approach will be examined thoroughly.

How to get CIF number of RBL bank by Sending SMS

You may acquire your CIF number by sending a text message.

  • Launch the SMS app using your registered mobile number to compose a new message.
  • Quickly enter CIF last 4 digits of account number> 922 3366 333 and hit send.
  • Credit card users may just write CIF and send it to 923-336-3333.
  • You should get a text message with your CIF number in it within a few minutes.

Use the Passbook to Obtain the RBL Bank CIF Number

  • If you have an account with RBK Bank, please get your passbook and turn to the first page.
  • The CIF number and other account information, such as the account holder’s name and account number, branch name, etc., are now viewable (Customer ID number).

How to get CIF number in RBL from Cheque Book

  • In the event that you have a checkbook, please flip to the first page.
  • The CIF (Customer ID) number associated with your account is now shown on the homepage.

Obtain the RBL bank CIF number from the Kit

After acquiring a credit card or opening an account, cardholders and account holders are sent a welcome packet. The CIF number is included in the accompanying welcome letter.

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