How to Change Your Password for RBL Online Banking

Today We Know How to Change Your Password for RBL Online Banking. The clients of RBL Bank who have savings accounts, credit cards, loan accounts, etc., have access to digital banking services. In the event that you have an RBL bank account but have forgotten the Internet banking password, you will need to reset the password before you may use any of the various financial services that are available through your mobile device or computer. Here we will examine a comprehensive instruction on how to change your RBL Bank online banking password.

Online banking makes it possible to conduct financial transactions instantly from any location with an internet connection. When you sign up for RBL Bank online banking, you’ll have access to a wide range of features, including the ability to see your account balances and recent transactions, make domestic and international wire transfers, open term deposits, purchase mutual funds, and much more.

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Things required to reset RBL Bank net banking password online

The following conditions/resources must be met before you may update your rbl password.

  • Phone number on file with the bank – You must have the phone number on file with the bank at all times.
  • The mobile phone number must be functional and able to receive text messages.
  • If you want to use RBL’s online banking system, you’ll need to know your USER ID. If you’ve forgotten your User Id but have an RBL account, you may reset your password here.
  • In order to access funds in your RBL Bank account, you will need your debit card’s number, expiration date, and CVV.
  • Enter your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV or ATM PIN to reset your RBL Bank net banking password if you have a credit card issued by RBL Bank.
  • Have your CIF and passport number ready if you are an NRI client.
  • You may use the Security Answer in place of a debit or credit card if you don’t have one handy right now. (Which you provided when you signed up for online banking with RBL Bank.)

How to Change Your Password for RBL Online Banking

How to reset RBL bank internet banking password online

At home, you may use your phone or computer to request a new password. Please check that you have access to and are using the mobile device associated with your account so that you may get the One-Time Password (OTP) through SMS.

  • Start by navigating to on your desktop/mobile device to access RBL’s online banking services.
  • When prompted, pick “Personal Banking Or Online Card Account” from the login menu (accessed by clicking the LOGIN button).
  • Select the “Forgot password” link in the new window that just opened.
  • On the new screen, under “User ID,” input your unique identifier, then hit the Next button. Here’s a guide on how to get a new RBL bank login.
  • On this new page, you may learn about your options for resetting your password. Choose between paying with a debit or credit card, answering security questions, or using a Passport.
  1. You may pay with a debit card by entering the card number, expiration date (in MM/YYYY format), CVV code, or debit card PIN.
  2. Enter the credit card number, CVV, and expiration date in the format MM/YYYY.
  3. Input your CIF and passport number if you are a non-resident Indian client.
  4. Choose a Security Question and Enter its Answer.
  • It is now possible to authenticate your identity using an OTP once your submitted data have been confirmed. After you enter your mobile phone number and click the “Generate OTP” button, you’ll get a one-time password on that number.
  • After entering the OTP sent to your phone, select the Continue option.
  • Change your RBL Bank online banking password here. Type in the chosen password twice, both times using the proper format. Just hit the “Submit” button when you’re done. Following is a description of the password format that must be used.

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