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Learning about Sleep Disorders

As part of finding out if you have a sleep disorder, you will be subjected to a sleep study. This is how they will learn more about what afflicts you. You will hear of several kinds of sleep disorders, such as the mild ones like snoring, or the more serious ones like obstructive sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and sleepwalking.

The sleep study shall involve you wearing a sleep recorder that shall monitor brain activity, heart activity, breathing patterns and any stoppages, blood oxygen levels, limb movement, seeping position, and so many other factors. This study usually happens in a specially designed lab at the hospital, with a sleep scientist there to observe you overnight. We now have portable diagnostic recorders people use at home. You shall, therefore, sleep as you normally do at home, while those factors mentioned are being recorded. There is no other way that is more affordable, more approachable, or more accurate when finding out about sleep disorders.

The recorded data will then be studied. This is how they will tell you of the nature and severity of any sleep disorders you could be having. You shall also know of the right treatment you need to take. It is usually not an easy thing to learn these things about yourself. To learn what happens when you are asleep can be a scary event. You can see this when one learns they have obstructive sleep apnea. This is a case of the soft tissue in the upper airway collapses and prevents the airway from letting air through as it normally does. This prevents you from breathing for about ten seconds or even longer. This can happen about thirty times every hour you are asleep. As your oxygen levels get too low, the sympathetic nervous system shall kick in and wake you with micro arousal. This shall get you breathing, but not leave you fully awake. In the morning, the victim usually feels tired even though they slept the entire night. What happened instead was they had a series of short naps, not a proper restful night’s sleep. When you learn of such a condition, it shall be fair to see you getting worried or even terrified. Most patients will ask for immediate treatment.

It is important that anytime you suspect your sleep is not normal, you should get tested. You will find a sleep study to be non-invasive and generally comfortable You will only have to wear the recording equipment on your body. When they collect data from your sleep cycle, they will tell you more accurately what you are suffering from. This is also how you will get the right treatment after the right diagnosis.

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