Dr. Ben Sykes Maintains the Virtues of Compounding Care at a Global Level

The greatest obstacle to any veterinary care specialist is the availability or access. Access, or a lack thereof, means that a veterinary care professional is tethered to what they have imminent access to. If the treatment option they seek is not available for fair or unfair reasons, they have to choose another option or simply weight for supply. In some instances, waiting is not a viable option. In other instances, an alternative is not even an option on the table.

What is Compounding?

In regards to veterinary care, compounding is a type of medication disbursement of sorts where medication is supplied directly to the provider and made-to-order. In short, a doctor works through their main medication provider, but they are constrained by availability, of the product was discontinued, and even recalls. Some of these reasons are totally reasonable, and simple repercussions for the industry. But, sometimes the availability leaves a little to be desired.

Providers, such as Ben Sykes at Bova Compounding, offer an alternative when it is needed. They can receive the medication to care for the animal when the main outlet goes unfulfilled. The team works in niche industries, such as zoo care or rare birds.

Wide Use and Single Dose

Perhaps the most powerful strength of a provider like Bova Compounding is the versatile nature of the medicine. Specialists can receive a single dose, which was specifically crafted with the patient (animal) in mind. This includes changes in dosage in regards to the strength of small breeds, the extent of the problem, and other differences.

If needed or expected, a doctor can order medication for wide and repeated use for different animals. They can account for any lack of expected availability. With this last point, the floodgates are opened wide and doctors are no longer fully tied to mainstream medication providers. They have an alternative- one they can trust- that comes into effect when they need it and at a much faster rate. Bova Compounding began in Australia but has recently expanded to the UK. Their efforts to care for animals along the whole spectrum will become invaluable in the future.